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Game Name:



3D Character Artist

Job Desc:

Working on the character, pets, and statues

3D Character:

Following his tenure at My Cafe, Timothy transitioned to the subsequent project with Aether Interactive Ltd. titled "Prankster." In this project, his task was to create a single character  Santa Claus for the prankster thumbnail and in-game purposes. Timothy faced a formidable challenge: crafting the Santa Claus character entirely from scratch within a strict two-day deadline.
His responsibilities encompassed conceiving the concept, determining the thumbnail angle, establishing the color scheme, sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, texturing, preparing the model for in-game integration, and final rendering.

3D Animal:

Timothy is tasked with designing all the pets for Pranksters, requiring him to adhere to the brief by creating adorable, and smooth creatures while maintaining a consistent stylistic approach across each pet.

3D Trophy:

Timothy has been assigned to crafting 25 trophies for Prankster, with a directive to imbue several of them with distinct uniqueness, and make players to eagerly pursue them. His innovative approach involves designing select trophies as visually striking statues.

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