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Game Name:



3D Artist

Job Desc:

Sculpting, Retopology, Uv and Texture



Timothy worked as an intern at Anantarupa Studios, gaining valuable experience in proper retopology, UV mapping, and sculpting techniques. While interning at Anantarupa, he wasn't assigned to work on 3D characters due to the intern position's limitations. Therefore, he sought the assistance of full-time workers to handle equipment and some clothing tasks. This effort led to an opportunity to contribute to the creation of map props for Lokapala. The challenge during his internship at Anantarupa was the demanding deadlines, much like those faced by full-time employees.

After a year of interning, Timothy received an offer to join Anantarupa as a full-time artist. However, he declined the opportunity to pursue freelance work, allowing himself time to dedicate to personal projects.

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